Clients Matching Multiple Views

John Wobus jw354 at
Fri Apr 11 17:59:20 UTC 2014

On Apr 9, 2014, at 4:14 AM, Steven Carr wrote:
> However, assuming you are using views on the same IP address and not
> splitting it across internal/external servers as that would screw up
> NS records), you can reuse the same zone file so those zones that
> appear in both internal and external views refer back to the same zone
> file, then when you update that zone file both views are updated.

My understanding has been that two views that are masters for
a zone can safely share a zone file if the zone isn't dynamic (e.g.
dnsupdate, dnssec auto signing, etc), but that two views of
a slave zone shouldn't do that: you could have two
different views independently rewriting the same file, a bad thing even
if the files are known to be identical.  Furthermore, allowing that  
conceivably show no problems very much of the time, masking the actual

If I'm wrong, that would be a good thing to know.

John Wobus
Cornell U

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