Enterprise IPAM/DNS Solutions

Kevin Darcy kcd at chrysler.com
Mon Apr 28 16:49:38 UTC 2014

Are you running *other*, non-network-service functions on these boxes 
besides BIND/M&M? If not, then you might find an appliance-based 
solution like Bluecat or Infoblox might be more cost-effective than 
adding a DNS-management layer to a generic server. Your security folks 
should love you too, since appliances are "hardened" (usually they don't 
even have a OS-like command line or a "superuser" function). Lastly, if 
you're planning to implement things like Anycast, HA clustering, IPv6, 
etc. these things are probably a lot easier for an appliance that 
already has these capabilities built in, than hacking the OS to support 
them. DNSSEC is likely to be a lot easier too.

The argument for appliances becomes even stronger if you want to support 
other network services, e.g. DHCP, NTP, discovery.

If, on the other hand, you're running "other stuff" on those servers, 
besides network services, or you just *have* to have that OS-level 
control down to the kernel, filesystems, devices, etc. it might make 
sense to stick with an agent- or wrapper-based solution like you already 
have (M&M). I think IPControl (by British Telecom) is also a strong 
player in that space.

                                     - Kevin

On 4/28/2014 12:31 PM, Baird, Josh wrote:
> Hi,
> We currently use the Men & Mice DNS/IPAM/DHCP suite which is essentially a front-end "wrapper" for BIND.  We deploy our own BIND boxes and simply install the Men & Mice agent on them which allows us to centrally manage the zones from a GUI (or CLI) based interface.
> I'm curious about the other "enterprise" solutions that are on the market.  Bluecat is the first one that comes to mind, but I'm completely unfamiliar with their product.  Does their product run alongside native BIND (like M&M) or do I need to purchase their own appliances and place them all over my network?
> Are there any other suggestions for products similar to Men & Mice and Bluecat that I should be looking at?  I'm looking for DNS and IPAM and central management.
> Thanks,
> Josh
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