Cross compile bind failing, vis3 ???

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Tue Apr 29 12:56:15 UTC 2014

Well, I tried with the BUILD_CC and BUILD_CFLAGS set. I hadn't noticed the cross compile test during configuration before since it has been working for the T1000 and T5140 builds. Now though it has "no" for the cross compile test.

Here is my configure command: (this is in a script that sets path to the solaris studio bin)

BUILD_CC=cc BUILD_CFLAGS="-Xa -fast -xstrconst -xchip=ultraT3 -xarch=sparcvis3 -mt -m64" ./configure --with-openssl=/usr/local/ssl --enable-full-report --without-gost --exec-prefix=/usr --libexecdir=/usr/lib/libexec --includedir=/usr/include

Even after I edit the configure script to have cross_compile=yes, it still responds with no during the configuration.

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You are cross compiling.  You need to set BUILD_* so that the host tools
are properly built.

	    BUILD_CFLAGS (optional)
	    BUILD_CPPFLAGS (optional)
	    BUILD_LDFLAGS (optional)
	    BUILD_LIBS (optional)


In message <CC3391F3E76E3D4C8B3F9B168BF73FE15310273A at
>, "Olsen, Richard William (Rick) CTR DISA PEO-MA (US)" writes:
> We have a remote site that we are providing a bind package for. They want a ta
> rgeted build and sent us the compile options as 
> -xtarget=T3 -xarch=sparcvis3 -xchip=ultraT3 -xcache=8/16/4:6144/64/24
> The build system is using Sun Studio 12.3 cc on T5140  (UtltraSPARC-T2+ hardwa
> re running Solaris 10 05/08.) 
> isainfo -x 
>    sparcv9: asi_blk_init vis2 vis popc
>    sparc: asi_blk_init vis2 vis poppc v8plus div32 mul32
> Now the problem. I can compile the openssl using his requested parameters but 
> the bind fails.
> "./gen -s . -c > include/dns/enumclass.h
> gen: fatal: hardware capability (CA_SUNW_HW_1) unsupported: 0x500 [ V
> IS3 FMAF ]
> Bash: line 1 #### killed ./gen -s . -c > include/dns/enumclass.h
> *** Error code 1
> The following command caused the error:
> For I in isc isccc dns isccfg bind9 lwres tests nulldir; do \
> 	if [ "$i" != "nulldir" -a -d $i ]; then \
> 		echo "making all in `pwd'/$i"; \
> 		(cd $i; make DESTDIR="/blah/blah/bind-9.9.5-S1/lib" all ) || exi
> t 1; \
> 	fi; \
> done
> make: Fatal error: Command failed for target 'subdirs'
> "
> Does bind not support Vis 3 architecture?
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