BIND and listening on interfaces

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> >> the thread yesterday reminded me on my Fedora bugrpeort
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> i don't buy "Note that destination IP address must be
> >> known and set correctly in reply, otherwise clients
> >> will be confused" because how does it survive NAT
> > 
> > What's meant is that the source address of the reply must match the 
> > destination address of the request. This is the how TCP behaves 
> > automatically, since it involves connections, but all UDP packets are 
> > independent. When BIND sends a reply message, the stack doesn't know 
> > that it's related to a particular incoming message whose IPs should be 
> > flipped.
> > 
> > It survives NAT because the router remembers how it translated the 
> > incoming packet. When it sees an outgoing packet with the translated IP 
> > and port, it undoes the translation
> yes and no
> iptables knows the concept of " -p udp -m conntrack --ctstate NEW"
> so the stack somehow knows, not the same way as TCP but it knows
> other UDP services like OpenVPN, dhcpd, avahi or mediathomb just
> listening on UDP and just working

Works fine on single-homed hosts, can break on multi-homed hosts.


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