Metazones or Something Else?

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Mon Aug 4 17:32:26 UTC 2014

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>> So to the best of your knowledge this functionality is still on drawing
>> board, unless implemented out-of-band?  (i.e. a perl script to parse
>>, and create /etc/named.d/*.conf files)
>Or run "rndc addzone".
>There's currently no supported way to perform in-band zone provisioning
>via the DNS itself.  I do have access to the metazone implementation that
>Vixie wrote his paper about, and I can send it to you if you like, but I'm
>not sure how useful you'll find it.  There might also be some interesting
>tricks possible with DLZ or with redhat's "dynDB" LDAP extension (which we
>plan to include in BIND 9.11 but is currently only available as a set of
>Improving DNS provisioning is a hot topic for future development, but
>we're still just in the requirements-gathering phase.  Would you like to
>share what it is you hope to do in more detail?

Just as a data point, if you're looking for references -- I'd like to be
able to do "Amazon Route 53" type things (add/edit zones, not just RRs)
via some sort of API.  Of course I want to be able to do this myself,
built on a standard platform (vs implementing the API layer as a one-off),
and not relying on external parties.  I suspect I'm not alone in an
increasing world of cloud operators.  :-)

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