Metazones or Something Else?

John Anderson johna at
Mon Aug 4 17:51:24 UTC 2014

>There's currently no supported way to perform in-band zone provisioning 
>via the DNS itself.  I do have access to the metazone implementation 
>that Vixie wrote his paper about, and I can send it to you if you like, 
>but I'm not sure how useful you'll find it.  There might also be some 
>interesting tricks possible with DLZ or with redhat's "dynDB" LDAP 
>extension (which we plan to include in BIND 9.11 but is currently only 
>available as a set of patches).
>Improving DNS provisioning is a hot topic for future development, but 
>we're still just in the requirements-gathering phase.  Would you like 
>to share what it is you hope to do in more detail?

>Just as a data point, if you're looking for references -- I'd like to 
>be able to do "Amazon Route 53" type things (add/edit zones, not just 
>RRs) via some sort of API.  Of course I want to be able to do this 
>myself, built on a standard platform (vs implementing the API layer as 
>a one-off) and not relying  >on external parties.  I suspect I'm not 
>alone in an increasing world of cloud operators.  :-)

Pretty much right on the nose for my use case as well.   We are creating a new control panel for our hosting environment, which will be a front end for all our clients.  We'll be providing public cloud, private cloud, private virtual data centers, as well as physical shared and dedicated hosting.  My initial goal is to automate the insertion of reverse DNS for our clients when they "self provision" their own virtual, or physical machines.  This may grow to be some sort of route 53 type offering for hosting our customer's forward DNS needs as well.  We'll have authorative DNS servers scattered across the globe in our datacenters, and have tentative plans for setting up AnyCast for access.  We'd like a user's actions in a central control panel during provisioning and deprovisioning to automatically handle as much of the workload as possible.

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