How to figure out QPS in bind 9.9

Leonard Mills lenm at
Thu Aug 7 17:54:00 UTC 2014

At about 3:26 AM on 07 AUG 2014 Gaurav Kansal asked:

>Is there any way out to figure out the same ?

Here are two easy approaches:

Create a simple database or sequence of files containing the results of an "all star" crontab entry.  The persistent storage entries coming over the statistics channel from the cron job can be queried for whatever resolution floats your boat.  Simple math will give you the desired QPS value.

An alternative would be scripted output of, say, tcpdump to obtain the counts for each interval and use them just like the statistics channel data.

The database and graphing can be performed by your favorite open source packages.  For ad-hoc questions you could use your favorite shell, Perl, etc.


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