ipv6 AAAA register and ipv4 NS register with the same name

Manuel Ramírez manuel.ramirez at grupoica.com
Mon Dec 15 08:38:24 UTC 2014


We have bind 9.8.4. P2 with many registers delegated to Link load
balancer (we have two public ip´s range and linkproof acts as a dns
Now we need to add the ipv6 AAAA register for all those registers that
are in ipv4 delegated to the link balancer but this balancer doesn´t
support ipv6.

So we have the ipv4 register as NS and the same register in ipv6 as
AAAA.I thought that when i ask for the ipv4 register the link balancer
should show the two public ip´s and when i ask for the AAAA register,
the dns shows the ipv6 ip, but is not like this.Doesn´t matter i ask
for ipv4(ns) or ipv6(AAAA), always obtent the ipv4 ip delegated to the
link balancer.

Is there any way to achieve the ipv6 register, despite the same
regiter is created in ipv4 and delegated to the load balancer,resolves
the AAAA record type?

Please excuse my limited English.


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