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Fri Dec 26 15:45:50 UTC 2014

>On 25.12.14 17:50, Mohammed Ejaz wrote:
>>as you said I modified the logging sections.  but still external domains
>>are unable to resolve.  I wanted tell you one more thing when I reassign
>>my old IP which is then everything works fine (I mean
>>interal autherative domain and external yahoo etc....  )without any
>does it work when you ask any of those IPs for the data?
>please run "dig a @"

On 25.12.14 23:43, Ejaz wrote:
>Query log says "Connection timed out error."

so, isn't the named able to run outgoing DNS queries?
That really sounds like a firewall, no metter if on your machine or on
external IP.

did you run
"tcpdump -i any -n -p port 53"
on your nameserver to see if packets come out and if answers return?

>>        listen-on port 53 {;;;};

when looking up, it directs us to:            172800  IN      NS     600     IN      A

is this any of your nameservers?

when I query your IPS above, does not answer, the others do.

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