slave: WARNING: recursion requested but not available

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Fri Jun 6 11:45:45 UTC 2014

Am 06.06.2014 13:40, schrieb Phil Mayers:
> On 06/06/14 12:35, Reindl Harald wrote:
>> Am 06.06.2014 13:28, schrieb Matus UHLAR - fantomas:
>>> On 06.06.14 13:13, Reindl Harald wrote:
>>>> why does in case of asking the slave always come a
>>>> "WARNING: recursion requested but not available"
>>>> even if you dig a A-record he is authoritative?
>>> because you request recursion and the server does not provide it.
>>> use "dig +norecurse" not to request recursion
>> i am asking a auth name server for it's own domain
>> where and why do i request recursion in that case?
> Clients talk to recursive resolvers. They request recursion.
> Recursive resolvers talk to authoritative servers. They don't request recursion (unless you'd doing forwarding).
> If you want to emulate a recursive resolver i.e. another DNS server, specify +norecurse to dig.

i think i got it


> If your master is offering recursion, then it's *also* acting as a recursive. This is usually not what you want.

yes, but only for a few IP's in a ACL


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