Name-server redundancy

Sid Shapiro sid_shapiro at
Mon Jun 9 20:36:03 UTC 2014

I've got 6 name-servers, 2 in each of 3 global regions. Each name-server
has a net connection. Each name-server is authoritative. the domains it
server have all six NS records.

My question has to do with redundancy. If one of my "regions" goes down, I
would have expected that a query against a domain would reach one of the
other region's name-servers. However, during a maintenance window when one
regions was off the air, I did some simple queries. I did not have a lot of
time to do a lot of detailed testing and tracing. I was simply trying to
see if I could get a query resolved.

What I got, was a "no name-server" error. I do not have the exact message,
nor the timings. I could see (somehow) that there might be some time-out
issue on the client, but the no name-servers response came pretty quickly.

This doesn't seem like a configuration problem, although I suppose it might
be. It seems more like a misunderstanding how redundancy works at the
domain level.

Have I totally misunderstood a concept here?
Sid Shapiro
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