FORMERR on packet received from Forwarder

Tony Finch dot at
Mon Jun 16 16:34:32 UTC 2014

Levi Pederson <levipederson at> wrote:
> I have an authoritative DNS server that is supposed to forward any
> unknowns to a specific upstream server.

You are mixing authoritative and recursive service in a way that is not
going to work well.

Forwarding is designed for recursive clients. It doesn't make sense to
forward queries on an authoritative server.

When BIND forwards to an upstream server it makes recursive queries and
expects the upstream server to return a complete response. Your upstream
server is not a recursive server: there is no RA bit set in the response,
and the response is a referral. BIND is objecting to a "non-improving
referral" which means that BIND thinks the server is authoritative for
zone X but the referral says zone X is elsewhere.

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