Using a DynDNS hostname in master-statement for a bind slave?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Sat Jun 28 00:06:47 UTC 2014

Am 27.06.2014 17:27, schrieb Johannes Kastl:
> sorry if this is a stupid question, I would love to get a RTFM
> pointing me to the right documentation (I found none...).
> My setup is like this (at least that is my plan):
> In my home network I have:
> Host A with bind as master for my zone
> Host B with bind as slave for my zone, Host A set as its
> master
> The slave server (HOST B) is reachable from the internet via a dynDNS
> hostname.
> Now I want to setup another bind as slave on a server hosted at my
> provider. It should use HOST B as its master, to transfer the zone and
> act as a slave.
> BUT I found nothing in the documentation on how to deal with a master
> server that has no fixed IP and is reachable via a dynamic hostname.
> Is this possible? Or do I have to setup a VPN to connect the external
> server to the home network?
> Thanks in advance for any tips or tricks or hints...

setup openvpn with your dyndns as VPN client
that way you have a fixed IP

besides it solves the IP problem zone transfers are more safe
because they are encrypted and can't get mangeled by broken
crap like cisco routers doing DNS ALG

look at the archives, i had recently the fun that a cisco
router between master/slave instisted to manipulate zone
transfers and set every CNAME a zero TTL

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