Internal clients' queries for "myhostname." get sent to forwarders. Why?

Tony Finch dot at
Tue Mar 11 11:28:08 UTC 2014

Andreas Ntaflos <daff at> wrote:
> Using Bind 9 on Ubuntu 12.04 for internal DNS (master for zones
> "", "", ...) with forwarders (ISP's
> nameservers) for everything outside of internal zones.
> The Problem: Clients, when running "hostname -f" or "hostname -i",
> create queries for "myhostname." which are sent to the forwarders which
> respond with NXDomain. This generates load on the forwarders and exposes
> our internally used hostnames, both of which seems unnecessary and
> possible dangerous.
> This doesn't seem like normal or healthy behaviour. What can we do to
> stop it?

Option 1: put the FQDN in /etc/hostname on each machine.
Option 2: populate /etc/hosts on each machine.
Option 3: slave the root zone on your name servers.

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