IPv6 PTR Records

Maechler Philippe pmaechler-ml at glattnet.ch
Tue Mar 11 16:30:30 UTC 2014

Thanks for your responses. 
>> Our Network is: 2001:db8::/32
>> This would give us a Zone named 8.b.d.
>> Our DNS has the ip 2001:db8:193:192::20/64 and the other one has
>> 2001:db8:193:193::20/64
>> 1) Would you create an entry in 8.b.d. like:
>>      IN A  dns1.example.org.
>>      IN A  dns2.example.org.
> As Chris Buxton pointed out, you lost a few necessary 0s & need "0.2" on the
> tail instead of "20".
Oops, yes thanks for the hint. The "20" at the end looked very strange to me when I wrote the mail but I didn't catch the error 
> Provided you get the syntax right, any of those can work.
> Choose whatever level of delegation is convenient.  We do most of ours at the 
> /64 boundary, but we do some sparse subnets delegated at /56 & such to avoid 
> having a bunch of zones with almost nothing in them.
I guess I'll start with one file/zone 8.b.d. and as this one grows, put in the delegations (/64) when needed.
This is my test-zone. This time with the correct syntax (I hope :) )
dns1> vi master/8.b.d.
$TTL 3600
8.b.d.     IN SOA dns1.example.org. hostmaster.example.org. (
                       2014031105        ; serial
                       10800             ; refresh
                       3600              ; retry
                       604800            ; expire
                       3600              ; nttl
; NS records
        NS    dns2.example.org.
        NS    dns1.example.org.
; 2001:DB8:192::/48 Backbone
; 2001:DB8:192:1::/64 Ha-DUE1 - GWPE1
$ORIGIN         PTR     gwpe1-g2-5.example.org.         PTR     ha-01-em0.example.org.
; 2001:DB8:192:2::/64 Ha-DUE2 - GWPE2
$ORIGIN         PTR     gwpe2-g2-5.example.org.         PTR     ha-02-em0.example.org.
; 2001:DB8:192:3::/64 Ha-DUE1 - GWPE2
$ORIGIN         PTR     gwpe2-g2-6.example.org.         PTR     ha-01-ix0.example.org.
; 2001:DB8:192:4::/64 Ha-DUE2 - GWPE1
$ORIGIN         PTR     gwpe1-g2-6.example.org.         PTR     ha-02-ix0.example.org.
Best regards

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