Internal clients' queries for "myhostname." get sent to forwarders. Why?

Mark Andrews marka at
Wed Mar 12 21:51:39 UTC 2014

The search algorithms in libresolve/libbind are a compromise.

If I had my way, back when libresolv was updated for RFC 1535,
support for partially qualified domain names would have died.  ndots
was the compromise.  Searches would have only continued on NXDOMAIN
and unqualified names would not have been tried against the root.
There were obvious security and information leakage issues with
partially qualified names.  So to with continuing searches on NODATA

I have been setting hostname to the fully qualified value for the
last 20 years or so.  The worked on almost all platforms but some
needed tweaking to remove assumptions that a hostname was a single
label.  Also whenever a hostname is added to a configuration file
/ script the fully qualified version is used.

I killed searching in the local sendmail configurations and forced
everyone to use fully qualified names in mail.  This reduced problems
once people got used to it.

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