Dynamic update with bind

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Wed Mar 26 11:49:09 UTC 2014

Ramanou Biaou <ramanou at netim.com> wrote:

> Someone has resources, links or tutorial to understand and implement the
> dynamic update zone files with BIND

If you search the web for [nsupdate howto] or [nsupdate tutorial] you
should find some useful resources.

If you are running BIND 9.7 or newer then it has a built-in setup for
simple DNS UPDATE uses. Try adding the following line to your zone's

	update-policy local;

Then on your master server you can run

	$ nsupdate -l

The nsupdate man page explains the input format. For most purposes you
only need to use "update add", "update delete", and "send", e.g. on my
server I can type

	$ nsupdate -l
	> add example.dotat.at 3600 in a
	> ^D

And my log says:

26-Mar-2014 11:44:00.603 update: info: client local-ddns: view auth: updating zone 'dotat.at/IN': adding an RR at 'example.dotat.at' A
26-Mar-2014 11:44:00.607 notify: info: zone dotat.at/IN/auth: sending notifies (serial 2434)

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