High recursive client counts

Sam Wilson Sam.Wilson at ed.ac.uk
Wed Mar 26 17:28:45 UTC 2014

In article <mailman.2540.1395835774.20661.bind-users at lists.isc.org>,
 Jason Brandt <jbrandt at fsmail.bradley.edu> wrote:

> The code on our FWSMs isn't the latest release, so that could be part of
> the issue, but it's been about 16 hours now since I shut it off, and so far
> so good.  I would say though with the other load on our firewalls, it's
> highly possible that they were being overloaded.  Unfortunately our MRTG
> isn't setup to track firewall CPU, so I can't say for sure.

Logging into your FWSM and doing 'show cpu usage' when things are going 
badly might be an option, but if you've got MRTG monitoring the 6500 
that the FWSM is in you could also have a look at the traffic on the 
virtual ethernets that connect to the FWSM.  Whilst they don't show up 
on 'show int' they and a 6 Gbps portchannel are visible to SNMP and in 
'show firewall module X traffic' (or 'show firewall switch X module Y 
traffic' in a VSS setup)..


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