FreeBSD ports 9.8.7 problem with transfert to slave

Steven Carr sjcarr at
Thu Mar 27 13:36:58 UTC 2014

On 27 March 2014 12:31, BONNET, Frank <frank.bonnet at> wrote:
> Since I upgraded to 9.8.7 on my two DNS the automated zones transfert from
> master to slave
> does not occurs automatically , I haven't change configuration files,
> serials are well incremented
> by a script that works for  years
> BIND is installed from FreeBSD ports on the two machines, I wonder if
> something has changed
> from 9.8.6 and 9.8.7 in configuration of BIND ?

Can you post master/slave configs?

Also what does the logging output say? are transfers being attempted
by the slave? can you see the request from the slave on the master?
Can you do a manual dig AXFR from the slave?


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