Multi-master (HA)

fddi fddi at
Wed May 7 19:20:40 UTC 2014

I run bind multi master on 5 different site.
my solution is bind-dlz with galeraDB backed.
we are very satisfied by this configuration and works flawlessy until now.


On 5/7/14 8:11 PM, John Wingenbach wrote:
> I run a multi-master environment.  We have 3 data centers which are 
> considered to be able to run even though the rest are down. Initially, 
> we ran our masters with the same exact configurations on each.  One of 
> the data centers was administratively defined as being the 'update 
> master'.  From there, any changes were first done locally and then 
> rsync'd to each of the other data centers. Once in place, rndc reload 
> was executed to pick up the changes on all of the masters.  However, 
> with the dawning of DNSSEC, that became problematic.
> Later we moved to dynamic updates and simply sent the update commands 
> to each master separately.  That worked but still resulted in issues 
> with resyncing the zones after one of the data centers was out of 
> communication.
> Now we have moved to one 'update master' and the rest being slave 
> masters.  When we want to change the update master, we have scripts 
> which make the needed mods in the zone configurations and then restart 
> named.  It's not the prettiest method but it does provide the single 
> point of update, automatic recovery if one of the datacenters is not 
> reachable and full support of DNSSEC. There is no issue with zone file 
> format as the zones are kept in text format and upon conversion to 
> slave, we touch each of the files to prevent the new slave from 
> expiring the zones immediately.
> -- John
> On 5/6/2014 2:20 PM, Baird, Josh wrote:
>> Hi,
>> For those of you who operate at multiple sites or datacenters, are 
>> you doing any HA for your BIND masters?  Ideally, we would have a 
>> master in each datacenter; maybe not an active one, but one that is 
>> standing by in case your primary master becomes unavailable.
>> Do you have multiple "active" masters and list them as master in each 
>> of your slave's zone definitions?  This seems like it could get 
>> rather messy.  One thought is to use a technology like VMWare SRM 
>> which will spin up a master/virtual machine automatically in a second 
>> datacenter if your primary master goes down.  This coupled with 
>> Layer2 connectivity between your sites could make things fairly 
>> simple.  The standby/secondary master would retain the same IP 
>> address as your primary, so everything should just *work*.
>> What are others doing?  Any thoughts, ideas or advice is much 
>> appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Josh
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