Slave zone intermittently not refreshing

Mart van de Wege mvdwege at
Thu May 8 07:18:02 UTC 2014


I'm running a DNS server as master for our infrastructure, serving up
several thousand zones. As a service to a few customers, this server also
slaves for 19 zones.

One of these zones intermittently fails to refresh when getting a
notify, with the message 'refresh in progress, refresh check queued' in
the logs. It finally refreshes hours later.

Yesterday this became critical, as the customer was doing a new
deployment, and couldn't have the server out of sync for hours. I tried
to find out what went wrong, but although I'm pretty good at operating
bind9, I couldn't for the life of me understand why this particular
refresh kept hanging.

Even an 'rdnc retransfer zone', which should do a forced refresh was
completely ignored.

How do I go about troubleshooting this issue to get a better idea of
what is going on?


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