No logging after logfile turned over. v9.10

James Brown jlbrown at
Mon May 12 00:42:39 UTC 2014

I’ve installed 9.10 and it seems to work fine, but logging seems to stop after the logfile gets rolled over each night.

I have to run rndc reload to get the logging to start again:

May 12 00:30:01 BordoDNS newsyslog[89310]: logfile turned over
12-May-2014 10:31:47.971 reloading configuration succeeded
12-May-2014 10:31:47.979 reloading zones succeeded
12-May-2014 10:31:48.006 all zones loaded
12-May-2014 10:31:48.006 running

My named.conf ends with:

logging {
        category default {

        channel _default_log  {
                file "/Library/Logs/named.log";
                severity info;
                print-time yes;

Any suggestions as to how to make the logging continue after the rollover?


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