Slave zone intermittently not refreshing

Mart van de Wege mvdwege at
Mon May 12 12:30:02 UTC 2014

On Mon, 12 May 2014 12:08:09 +0100
Tony Finch <dot at> wrote:

> Mart van de Wege <mvdwege at> wrote:
> >
> > The only difference I *can* see is that this particular slave zone
> > occasionally gets a lot of updates in a single day, which is when this
> > problem seems to be triggered.
> Is there an MTU problem between your slave and the master? Or a problem
> with fragmented UDP? 

Not that I know of, but that bears investigating. I will keep a tcpdump running along just to check.

> You could try setting "request-ixfr no;" to see if AXFR (over TCP) works
> better.
Good idea.

I'm still waiting for a recurrence, so this thread may go quiescent for a bit.



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