Slave zone intermittently not refreshing

Tony Finch dot at
Tue May 13 09:56:39 UTC 2014

Mark Andrews <marka at> wrote:
> 2275.  [func]          Add support to dig to perform IXFR queries over UDP.
>                        [RT #17235]
> DiG has supported ixfr over udp since 2007.  It just defaults to TCP.
> you have to disable TCP after specifying ixfr.

Ah I am sure you have told me that before, but I forgot and the man page
didn't remind me :-)

And I had falsely got the impression from RFC 1995 that IXFR-over-UDP was
the norm, but all the IXFRs in my logs are over TCP, and named/xfrout.c

		 * Sending a single SOA record is also how we refuse
		 * IXFR over UDP (currently, we always do).


Which suggests my guess about the cause of Mart's problem was wrong,
though I suppose it could still be a TCP MTU problem.

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