About the prefetch function within bind 9.10.

Hongyi Zhao hongyi.zhao at gmail.com
Sun May 18 07:18:21 UTC 2014

What do you mean by saying that "Prefetch does not cause named to ignore

I think in my case, I have set the preftch option like this:

prefetch 2 9;

This will enable the prefetching for all of the entries with the TTL larger
that 2 seconds, (in my case, the TTL is 60 seconds, so the prefetch will be
enabled for this entry).  The digit 9 triggering condition for doing the
prefetching.  In my case, it should mean that when 51 seconds elapsed for
the entry, i.e., 9 = 60 - 51,  the bind will prefetching the record, and
then the record will have a full TTL, i.e., 60 seconds for this case again.

Am I wrong about the meaning of the prefetching function of bind or not?


2014-05-18 13:46 GMT+08:00 Leonard Mills <lenm at yahoo.com>:

> Taking the CNAME line in the response, please notice that the published
> TTL is 60 seconds.  Prefetch does not cause named to ignore TTLs.
> hth,
> Len

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