Split DNS(view configuration)

Techs_Maru tecabu at gmail.com
Tue May 20 09:30:27 UTC 2014

2014-05-20 1:26 GMT+09:00 Tony Finch <dot at dotat.at>:

> I think it is better to use named's built-in root hints, so you don't need
> to explicitly configure this.

Thank you for your advices.

> You must not share slave zone files between zones.
> >         };
> > };
> > The content of internal view is not updated even if it updates record.
> > I want to let both view reflect an update record by zonal transfer.
> Use a different TSIG key for each view in the slave. Include each key in
> the match-clients clause of each view. Include both keys in the
> also-notify clause on the master.

The mastering server side cannot be touched as this assumption.
For instance, it is assumed that I am a secondary server carrier.

It can solve what I wanted to do by forwarding the zone in the local.
Method of sending notify to other view when source in zone forwarding
origin is confirmed with client-match, and either view receives zone.
However, how to configuration is not understood.

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