bind 9.10..0-P1 rndc: 'retransfer' failed: not found; other rndc commands are ok

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Fri May 23 15:24:27 UTC 2014

On May 23 2014, Doug Barton wrote:

>On 05/22/2014 09:33 PM, Teerapatr Kittiratanachai wrote:
>> Sorry for jumping in, so from your information I understand that when I
>> have updated zone file at the master I should use `rndc reload
>> <zone-name>` instead `rndc retransfer <zone-name>` to transfer the new
>> zone file to other slaves, is it right ?
>Yes, you reload the zone on the master which should cause the master to 
>send notifies to the slaves which cause them to retransfer the zone.
>The 'rndc retransfer <zone>' command is something you run on the slave 
>if it doesn't transfer.

Note that "rndc retransfer <zone>" is fairly brutal. It tells the slave
to forget everything about its current copy of the zone, including its
SOA serial, and attempt a full zone transfer from the master(s).

In normal circumstances, a missed notify would be better dealt with by
"rndc refresh <zone>", which just expedites what would normally happen
when the refresh interval expires. That is, it will do an SOA query
against the master(s), and if the serial has increased attempt an
(if possible incremental) zone transfer. 

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