Reply Code 0x8083 vs 0x8080

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Hi Jiann-Ming,

Hopefully someone else didn't beat me to the reply.

"No such name" is an NXDOMAIN response.  It occurs when there are no
records for a given name.  For example, if you query

(I hope this doesn't actually exist ;-)

you'll get a "No such name"/NXDOMAIN response.

"No error" is normal--the name exists; there may or not be resource records
of the type you're looking for.

For example, querying SRV

will return "No error" if there are A records for if
there are no SRV records.  So will querying A.

Perhaps if you can post the name you want to query, the actual queries your
app makes (packet capture is helpful) and the relevant records in the zone,
we can be of more assistance.


On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 2:40 PM, Jiann-Ming Su <su_js1 at> wrote:

> What could cause BIND to respond with reply code 0x8083 (no such name) vs
> 0x8080 (no error)?
> I have an app doing srv queries without the domain name appended.  One
> time, server will respond with no such name (flags 0x8083) which causes the
> app to query again with domain name appended.  Another time, the DNS server
> responds with no error (flags 0x8080) which causes the app to query again
> without the domain suffix appended.
> I may very well be debugging an application problem, but I'm curious as to
> why BIND would respond with different codes.  Thanks for any insights.
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