Reply Code 0x8083 vs 0x8080

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Fri May 30 04:34:27 UTC 2014

In message <1401424053.51486.YahooMailNeo at>, Jiann-
Ming Su writes:
> Looking through the traces of the NXDomain vs NoError responses.  The
> NoError response includes the list of the Internet root servers.  This
> would definitely be a valid response for a "." query.  I wonder if I've
> run into a bug with this particular version of BIND where it ignores or
> changes the actual query with a "." lookup.  Hence the NoError response
> with the full list of root servers.

Apply Occams Razor.  The client made a "." query.

Named returns the query it was asked.  It it pointless to return
anything else as the client is supposed to check and discared answers
that don't match.

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