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Good morning Giles,


the server on dns1.ids.it allow recursion for my IP

There is any other setting I have to enable to allow this “level recursion”?


Thanks and best regards




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On 09/10/2014 12:24, IDS Submit wrote:

Good morning,


I have BIND 9.10.1 x86 and I have error on query swupdl.adobe.com



> swupdl.adobe.com

Server:  dns1.ids.it



*** dns1.ids.it non è in grado di trovare swupdl.adobe.com: Non-existent



See below... 


swupdl.adobe.com.       5274    IN      CNAME   swupdl.wip4.adobe.com.

swupdl.wip4.adobe.com.  67      IN      CNAME

swupdl.adobe.com.edgesuite.net. 794 IN  CNAME   a1577.d.akamai.net.

a1577.d.akamai.net.     19      IN      A

a1577.d.akamai.net.     19      IN      A


It looks like adobe are entertaining use of a CNAME chain (a CNAME to a
CNAME which points to a CNAME which points to a CNAME which eventually
points to an A record).

I expect that the upstream server to dns1.ids.it doesn't implement this
level of recursion and as such doesn't return the full details.


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