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In message <1412895254.21090.62.camel at>, Carl Byington writes
> On Thu, 2014-10-09 at 13:24 +0200, IDS Submit wrote:
> > I have BIND 9.10.1 x86 and I have error on query
> See the archives around July 3rd for previous issues with adobe.
> You might add this to /etc/named.conf
> // adobe servers that don't understand edns options
> server   { request-sit no; };
> server   { request-sit no; };
> server  { request-sit no; };
> // servers that don't understand edns options
> server    { request-sit no; };
> server   { request-sit no; };
> The following two queries demonstrate that.
> dig +nsid
> dig

Yep, people standup non RFC compliant nameservers.  Complain to
Adobe (Cc'd on this email), then complain to COM to get the
delegation removed when they don't fix the problem with the servers
within a reasonable period.  The next step is to sue COM for failure
to follow the published rules for dealing with operational issues
when they don't remove the delegation.  You could also
as IANA to remove the COM delegation at the same time.

For COM and IANA you may actually have success as their are published
rules which they are supposed to follow.

RFC 1033:

   These are the suggested steps you should take if you are having
   problems that you believe are caused by someone else's name server:

   1.  Complain privately to the responsible person for the domain.  You
   can find their mailing address in the SOA record for the domain.

   2.  Complain publicly to the responsible person for the domain.

   3.  Ask the NIC for the administrative person responsible for the
   domain.  Complain.  You can also find domain contacts on the NIC in

   4.  Complain to the parent domain authorities.

   5.  Ask the parent authorities to excommunicate the domain.


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