dnssec-keygen,bind-native-pkcs11,removing key/key-directory

sibu sibxol at btconnect.com
Sun Oct 12 09:41:02 UTC 2014


My computer has these:-
--os 64 bit blfs linux, bind-9.10.1, softhsm2(beta)  (i.e. I am playing with 
bind-9.10.1 and the new native-pkcs11 interface and softhsm2(beta).

 For generating keys for dnssec    two utilities -A- dnssec-keygen or -B- 
pkcs11-keygen can be used.  
-A- gives more functionality but then the keys have to be transformed  using 
(i)  softhsm2-keyconv (which transfrom  to pkcs8 (eg PEM format) then (ii) 
softhsm2-util to transfer to the HSM
-B- also  gives  generation of the key   this time  directly on the HSM ).  

I want to have a go with -A- for no other reason than that it gives  more 
flexibility for key-rollovers.  Running -A-  requires specifying 
a key directory where the key is generated.  I would like to know from the 
bind experts
a) if this directory information is encoded in the generated  key (i.e. the  
KSK in this case  ) AND
b) if it is safe to remove the key and key directory   after  softhsm2-keyconv  
has been run and the  transformed key successfully  transferred to the HSM.

Thanks in advance

yours sincerely

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