BIND listen backlog too small

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Thu Oct 16 22:08:49 UTC 2014

Yeah, in that case you might see higher-than-normal TCP traffic ☺

                                                                        - Kevin

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This is for one of our masters which has about 20K zones and handles zone transfer traffic from few hundred of our slaves.

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> Hello,
> While I was investigating potential SYN flooding warning messages on my Linux
> box for our DNS traffic,I was very surprised to see the backlog was set to
> very small numbers for BIND tcp sockets.
> strace showed backlog was '10' for listening socket for port 53 and '128' for
> listening socket for port 953 (rdnc traffic).
> I've restarted BIND after I updated somaxconn but BIND didn't pick up the
> value.
> Why doesn't BIND set the backlog to a huge number and let OSes reduce it to
> whatever somaxconn is? Or just set backlog to whatever is is set for
> somaxconn?

Since TCP queries should be infrequent, why does it need a high backlog?

It seems like it's already increasing it, IIRC the default is 5.

Barry Margolin
Arlington, MA
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