BIND resource requirements

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Mon Oct 20 18:54:21 UTC 2014

On 10/20/14 11:50 AM, Mike Bernhardt wrote:
> Anyone have some input on this? No one has commented so far.
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> Subject: BIND resource requirements
> We are currently using 9.8. We have had it on the radar to move to 9.9 but
> it's been low priority since 9.8 is still supported for now. But in reading
> about all of the alleged issues with 9.10.x as well as possible increased
> resource use starting with 9.9.5, I would like to ask a question: We have 2
> views and maybe 6 static zones. Is there any significant change in resource
> requirements I need to be aware of in moving to 9.9? And are there any known
> and intended increased requirements for 9.10 (i.e. not bug-related)?

Are you talking authoritative-only data? If so, what's preventing you 
from loading up a BIND 9.9.5 instance in the lab, loading up your data, 
and answering your own question? :)

If your response is, "I don't have a lab," then you know your next step.



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