Two domains reporting errors

LuKreme kremels at
Wed Sep 10 01:42:56 UTC 2014

# named-checkconf -z | grep -v loaded
master/bt.tld:3: ignoring out-of-zone data (bt.tld)
master/bt.tld:15: ignoring out-of-zone data (
_default/dw.tld/IN: bad zone
master/bt.tld:16: ignoring out-of-zone data (
zone dw.tld/IN: has 0 SOA records
zone dw.tld/IN: has no NS records

So, line 3 in bt.tld is the SOA line which looks as far as I can tell, basically identical to every other file:

==> master/ <==
$TTL 86400      ; 1 day              IN SOA (

==> master/bt.tld <==
$TTL 86400      ; 1 day
bt.tld    IN SOA  bt.tld. (

and line 15 and 16 do redirect to (but then, so do all the other webdav.* and www.* domains in other files)

For the second domain, I don't understand the _default/dw.tld/IN error at all, and the file starts like all the others:

# head -3  master/dw.tld 
$TTL     86400
@        IN      SOA     dw.tld.  (

(all the files have same permissions and all are in /etc/named/master)

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