bind-9.10.0-P2 memory leak?

Len Conrad LConrad at
Wed Sep 10 03:17:34 UTC 2014

At 09:40 PM 9/9/2014, you wrote:
>On 9/9/2014 05:05, lconrad at wrote:
>> freebsd 10.0, bind-9.10.0-p2
>> logging the rss field for named process:
>> less /var/tmp/bind_rss_history.txt
>> This never happened with earlier BIND9, and our mx1 uses this recursive
>> BIND machine for all domain/ptr  lookups
>> I've never seen any bind take over 1GB of RAM.
>> max-cache-size isn't the solution, only a band-aid
>> the sawtooth above is from restarting named.
>> named has halted twice in the past couple weeks, we suspected some kind
>> of attack, the only trace we had was in syslog with something like "swap
>> space failed, named halted", but with a dedicated DNS box and 3 GB,
>> there should never be any swapping.  I set a watcher for "swap used >
>> 1%".  Got an alert, I saw the named rss to be 1.9GB.  restarted bind and
>> wrote the rss named logging script.
>> Len
>This is a bit worrying for me, as I am running this version on my
>master. Do you mind sharing the rss watcher/logging script?

 cat /usr/local/bin/ 

touch /var/tmp/bind_rss_history.txt

RSS=`ps auxw | awk '/^bind.*named/{print $6}'`

NOW=`date "+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"`

echo "$NOW $RSS" | awk '{printf "%10s%10s%11s\n",$1,$2,$3}' >> /var/tmp/bind_rss_history.txt

exit 0

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