Promoting slave to master DNS server with dynamic updates

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Thu Sep 11 23:01:57 UTC 2014

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> Journals are consolidated into the master file every 15 minutes.
> The journal exists to recover from the master dying unexpectedly.
> It is also used as the source of IXFR data. Additionaly notify
> messages are scheduled to be sent out after 3 seconds so slaves
> should only be a couple of seconds behind and they also write
> journals.
> With UPDATE, NOTIFY and IXFR a set of DNS servers should only loose
> up to a couple of seconds of transactions in the event of a master
> dying in such a way that the disks are unreadable.

Also worth noting that there is a configuration item that can change the notify delay down from 3 seconds if it is so desired.  If you have a low volume of updates, you may be able to get away with making it '0', but if you have any volume, you really want it to be a few seconds.


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