slave fail to ixfr from master

Liu Mingxing lmxhappy at
Mon Sep 15 03:58:09 UTC 2014

The masters and slaves are in a private network.  The zone update problem was found in only one slave server. 

I had checked the config file in the masters and slaves and no problems are found according to what you said.

The problem disappeared when named was rebooted after deleting the zones the server hosts.

Liu Mingxing

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Date: 2014-09-14 21:33
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Subject: Re: slave fail to ixfr from master
On Sun, Sep 14, 2014 at 04:40:52PM +0800, Liu Mingxing wrote:
> Our slave can not get ixfr data from master, the soa number in
> the slave is smaller than one of the master and no responding
> lines are not found in the notity log. However, in the slave
> server, connections about both of them are found with tcpdump.
> to reboot the named can not fix the problem.
> Do you meet with the problem? how to fix it?

Show us the things you have described; "host -C" shows 
all the listed NS hosts and their SOA records.  Why are notifies 
(apparently) not being sent?  Maybe this slave is not an NS host?
(That's what also-notify in the master zone definition is for.)
Also check that the master lists this slave in its allow-transfer
setting, either in global options or in the zone definition.

Also include logs and configuration from both master and slave, if 
this wasn't enough to get it figured out.
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