Change in behaviour regarding ndots and searchlist

Barry Margolin barmar at
Mon Sep 15 13:17:15 UTC 2014

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 Steven Carr <sjcarr at> wrote:

> On 15 September 2014 13:29, Lightner, Jeff <JLightner at> wrote:
> > I've begun seeing this recently in nslookup on Windows workstations as 
> > well.    It appears it is appending search domains even when I've specified 
> > an FQDN.   That is I have two search domains such as and 
> > and I typed short name "ralph" for nslookup or host it would give me 
> > "" IP if it existed or "" if the 
> > didn't exist and the latter did.   Now what I'm seeing is even if I specify 
> > "" it is looking up and failing on "".
> Without the final explicit "." your name is not fully qualified.

But if a name has more than ndots dots, it's supposed to be tried as 
given first, before adding search domains.

Barry Margolin
Arlington, MA

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