Net::DNS::Update when Something Goes Wrong

Martin G. McCormick martin at
Thu Sep 18 16:33:24 UTC 2014

	This is a perl module but my question is pure bind. Is
anyone familiar enough with this perl module to say whether the
packets are sent as TCP or udp? If udp, one would think that if
a packet was sent to do a job and the DNS failed to receive it
the world would look the same to the sender as it would if the
DNS got the packet and the job went through without a problem.

	I have been using this module in some scripts and it
normally works perfectly but on occasion, we have had things
happen such as trying to replace old forward lookups with new
ones using the same IP address but a different A record name.
The old ones hung around along with the new ones to form
redundant A records and nobody was the wiser at the time.
	If there is that ambiguity, the fix would be to do
lookups just after the job to verify that everything went as

Martin McCormick

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