Wildcard oddity

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Tue Sep 30 03:52:41 UTC 2014

My apologies for my earlier, arguably off-topic questions.

Now I have a real honest-to-goodness BIND question.

I have the following simple zone file installed as "test0.tristatelogic.com":

$TTL 3600
@       IN      SOA     server1.tristatelogic.com. hostmaster.tristatelogic.com. (
        1412047583 10800 3600 604800 3600 )
        IN      NS      server1.tristatelogic.com.

*.colors IN A
*.jason.purple.colors IN A
; *.purple.colors IN A

Note that that last line is commented out.

Curiously, when I do this query:

   dig simon.purple.colors.test0.tristatelogic.com

I get back NXDOMAIN.  Why?

Intutively I would have thought that this query would have been matched
by "*.colors", but the presence of jason seems to be throwing a monkey
wrench into the works for simon!

It is also rather perplexing that when I uncomment that final line,
then things seem to work as expected, i.e. the dig shown above then
matches _that_ record, and I get back (which is indeed
what intutively _should_ happen).

There must be something quirky about the wildcard matching rules that
I'm not understanding.  Why do these two rules cause something (i.e.
anything) within the colors subdomain to *not* resolve?

*.colors IN A
*.jason.purple.colors IN A

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