subdomain with domain

Graham Clinch g.clinch at
Wed Apr 1 15:56:15 UTC 2015

> zone "_msdcs.<domain>" {
> [..]
>  file "data/db.";
> };
> zone "<domain>" {
> [..]
>  file "data/db.";
> };

Both zones are being backed by the same file, so one will be overwriting
the other.  This may not be the cause of the half-working situation, but
it won't be helping.  Do the bind logs (not sure where Fedora puts them
though - /var/log/messages?) contain any errors?

Unless <domain> is really '', I would suggest naming your
file after the zone that it is going to contain - e.g.

file "data/db._msdcs.<domain>";
file  "data/db.<domain>";


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