subdomain with domain

Steven Carr sjcarr at
Wed Apr 1 20:51:07 UTC 2015

On 1 April 2015 at 20:53, Barry S. Finkel <bsfinkel at> wrote:
> It would be a good idea to also have the other Active Directory
> "underscore" zones:
>      __sites.<domain>
>      _tcp.<domain>
>      _udp.<domain>
> on your slave server.

>From what I've seen in the field, in most AD installations those
aren't actual subdomains, Microsoft just uses dotted host names in the
main domain. The only subdomain that is always created is the _msdcs
subdomain, the rest usually need manual intervention to create them.
(The MMC tricks you as it shows folders for subdomains on the dotted
host names when they don't actually exist.)

To see what domains you actually have configured in Microsoft DNS use
"dnscmd /enumzones", then replicate those in your secondary.


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