NAMED try to solve domain from old authoritative server

Teerapatr Kittiratanachai at
Thu Apr 2 04:52:26 UTC 2015

Hi List,

I have faced the problem.
Firstly, I have 2 nameserver, the first nameserver is the
authoritative nameserver and not allow the recursive. The second one
is the recursive nameserver, and also store zonefile as the same with
the first server.

I have remove zonefile from the first server and reload named process.
It can work normally, I got the SERVFAIL response when I try to query
from it.
And at the second server, after it remove zone from named.conf and
`rndc reload`, it also can query from the new authoritative
nameserver. But after a few hours, new TTL is 600, it go back to query
from my first server which give me below log.

lame-servers: error (unexpected RCODE REFUSED) resolving
lame-servers: lame server resolving 'www.domain.tld' (in
'domain.tld'?): 2001:db8:0:1::101#53

I must do the `rndc flushname domain.tld` to flush the cache.
However a few hours after I flush cache, the problem occur again.

Does anyone ever face this problem?

My named version is below.

#named -V
BIND 9.9.2-P1 built with '--localstatedir=/var' '--disable-linux-caps'
'--disable-symtable' '--with-randomdev=/dev/random' '--without-python'
'--with-openssl=/usr' '--with-libxml2=/usr/local' '--without-idn'
'--enable-ipv6' '--enable-threads' '--sysconfdir=/etc/namedb'
'--prefix=/usr/local' '--mandir=/usr/local/man'
'--infodir=/usr/local/info/' '--build=x86_64-portbld-freebsd8.2'
'build_alias=x86_64-portbld-freebsd8.2' 'CC=cc' 'CFLAGS=-O2 -pipe
-fno-strict-aliasing' 'LDFLAGS= -Wl,-rpath=/usr/lib:/usr/local/lib'
'CPPFLAGS=' 'CPP=cpp' 'CXX=c++' 'CXXFLAGS=-O2 -pipe
using OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 0.9.8q 2 Dec 2010
using libxml2 version: 2.7.8


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