on TTL expiry BIND sends 'ANY' query, gets back 'NOANSWER'

Barry Margolin barmar at alum.mit.edu
Wed Apr 8 19:58:00 UTC 2015

In article <mailman.1922.1428521124.26362.bind-users at lists.isc.org>,
 Chuck Anderson <cra at WPI.EDU> wrote:

> I have load balancers (I know, run away now) acting as authoritative
> servers for a GSLB zone.  The sub-zone is delegated properly from my
> main zone which runs BIND.  All my clients are using the BIND server
> as their caching resolver.
> Every once in a while, my mail server gets back a 'NOANSWER' for one
> of our load-balanced mail servers and causes mail to be bounced.  I've
> tracked this down to the following BIND behavior and load balancer
> behavior:
> 1. On TTL expiry, BIND sends an 'ANY' query for the RR in question to
>    the authoritative servers for the zone (load balancers).  This
>    happens even if there is no current recursive query being processed
>    by BIND for this name.  It seems that BIND does this to attempt to
>    "refresh" the cache in advance of another recursive query coming
>    in.

Are you sure it's BIND doing this? Refreshing without a query in 
progress is called "proactive refresh" (sometimes abbreviated 
"prefresh"), and there are some nameservers that do it, but I didn't 
think BIND was among them.

> 2. Unfortunately, the load balancer answers 'NOANSWER' when queried
>    with the 'ANY' type ('A' queries work fine).  Is this correct
>    behavior?

No. An authoritative server should respond with all the records for the 
name, a caching server should respond with all the records it has cached 
for the name.

> 3. BIND caches the 'NOANSWER' response.


> 4. When the next recursive query for the 'A' RR for this name comes
>    in, BIND responds 'NOANSWER' from cache.


> 5. After some time (zone SOA TTL???), BIND ages out this 'NOANSWER'

The negative cache TTL, i.e. the MinTTL field in the SOA record.

>    from the cache and sends an 'A' query to the auth servers (load
>    balancers).  Again, this happens even if there is no current
>    recursive query being serviced for this name, perhaps to "refresh"
>    the cache once again.

Again, I don't think BIND will force a refresh if there's no query being 

> 6. The load balancer answers with the correct 'A' record response.
> 7. BIND caches the correct 'A' response.
> 8. When the next recursive query for the 'A' RR for this name comes
>    in, BIND responds with the correct 'A' record from cache.
> My questions are, what is at fault here?  Is it a BIND bug to expect
> 'ANY' queries to work?  Is it a load balancer bug to respond

ANY queries should be expected to work when sending to the authoritative 
server, but they're not reliable when sending to a caching server. But 
this is the first I've heard of BIND spontaneously sending ANY queries 
as you describe.

> 'NOANSWER' to an 'ANY' query?  Is it a BIND bug to cache this
> 'NOANSWER', or should it have instead immediately issued an 'A' query
> before expiring the cache?  Should BIND have not cached 'NOANSWER' at
> all, and instead just have done an 'A' query as needed when recursing
> during the servicing of the next query from the client?
> And finally, is there something I can tweak in BIND to avoid this
> problem?
> Thanks.

Barry Margolin
Arlington, MA

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