configured bind 9.10.1 as slave gettting data in binary form

Evan Hunt each at
Thu Apr 9 04:36:10 UTC 2015

On Thu, Apr 09, 2015 at 12:00:36AM -0400, William Clarke wrote:
> Prakash,
> There certainly is infact i just came across the same issue. Find the latest documentation for bind and search the pdf for "format". It'll show you the syntax, basically you need to add:
> masterfile-format text;
>  to each "view" or you can specify it for each "zone".
> Example:
>       zone "" IN {
>            type slave;
>            masterfile-format text;
>            masters {; };
>            file "internal/";

Or you can allow your slave files to remain in binary format (it gives you
a roughly factor-4 speedup in loading the files, which can be significant
with large zones).  When you want to look at the text version, convert

    $ named-checkzone -Djfraw <slave-zonefile>

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