New installation of BIND on Oracle Linux

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Wed Dec 2 09:44:44 UTC 2015

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> Chris,
> Regarding the non-start, any chance that named is running in a chroot environment?


I would agree, this is probably a chroot jail issue.  In your example there is a line
>> daemon /usr/local/sbin/named -u named -t /var/named -c /etc/named.conf <<
where the "-t" points to a chroot directory.  I would start there.


> Is this DNS server brand new to you all or is replacing an existing one?  I ask
> because depending on the load that it will see all of those logging statements
> will sure stuff 50M in a hurry.  Our DNS servers see on average around 200 to
> 300 qps and it will fill a 500M file in about 30 min or so.
> John
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