intermittent SERVFAIL with a DLV domain

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Thu Dec 24 12:43:32 UTC 2015

On 23-Dec-15 08:34, Tony Finch wrote:
> Tony Finch <dot at> wrote:
> Also, why is it trying to get address records for a reverse DNS name? 

An or zone is not restricted to PTR records. 
There's nothing special about 'reverse zones'.

dnsviz uses some heuristics to guess what records are worth looking for.

A while ago I asked Casey to have DNSVIZ check for more than PTR+DNSSEC
records in reverse zones, which he did.
There's a panel in dnsviz where you can change what it looks for if you
want more (or less).

A/AAAA records are used in reverse zones by an obscure RFC (1101
encoding of subnet masks), and by others for similar purposes.

(It shouldn't be surprising that CNAME, TXT, RP, LOC and DNSSEC-related
records can be in reverse zones too.)

dnsviz launches its queries in parallel, so asking for a few extra
records doesn't hurt anyone.

> 23-Dec-2015 13:20:54.328 lame-servers: info: broken trust chain resolving '':
> 23-Dec-2015 13:20:54.328 lame-servers: info: broken trust chain resolving '': 2a01:8000:1ffa:f003:bc9d:1dff:fe9b:7466#53
> 23-Dec-2015 13:20:54.398 lame-servers: info: broken trust chain resolving '':
> Tony.

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