named can not find the zone file

Julie Xu J.Xu at
Fri Jul 3 03:45:15 UTC 2015


I am urgently setting a test dns server on centos.

Basically, copy named.conf and zone file over. And add  copy existed domain zone to new zone and change zone name called

And I have get error:

zone loaded serial 2012102459
zone loading master file data/ file not found
internal/ file not found

I have checked the file is existed, on required directory:
# pwd
# ls -l data/
-rw-r--r-- 1 named named 80263 Jul  3 13:25 data/
# grep directory /etc/named.conf
    directory "/var/named";

Could anyone give me some tip, how to fix this two error?

Any comments will be appreciated

Thanks in advance

Julie Xu


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