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Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Wed Jul 8 22:50:35 UTC 2015

In message <13180.1436394870 at vindemiatrix.encs.concordia.ca>, Anne Bennett writ
> I've been trying to debug a problem with dig, and it has finally
> occurred to me that, if I understand this correctly, the "+trace"
> option essentially overrides the @server specification, except for
> the initial query for the root zone nameservers.  (I was using
> "+showsearch +trace +recurse".)
> Is my understanding correct?
> If it is, it might be helpful to add a quick note to the "dig"
> manpage, perhaps under "SIMPLE USAGE", "server", something like:
>   Note that if when the +trace and +recurse options are in
>   use, only the initial query for the root zone uses the
>   server specified by "server" (or in /etc/resolv.conf);
>   subsequent queries use the authoritative servers in the
>   chain of delegation.

Given +trace isn't "simple usage" (dig @server name type), why would
one say that in the simple usage section?  +trace states that it is
going to talk to each server in turn.

           Toggle tracing of the delegation path from the root name servers
           for the name being looked up. Tracing is disabled by default. When
           tracing is enabled, dig makes iterative queries to resolve the name
           being looked up. It will follow referrals from the root servers,
           showing the answer from each server that was used to resolve the

           +dnssec is also set when +trace is set to better emulate the
           default queries from a nameserver.


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